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Full Moon and Eclipse Aug. 5-6 2009

Everything that rises has to descend.  If the arch of an arrow stretches it must be released. These are laws of equilibrium and duality.  This galactic cycle that is ending now is that of the new Mayan year.  The next galactic cycle is the Magician.  It is the galactic cycle that comes to activate the warriors of light. The energy that takes you toward a higher vibration to prompt you toward the light.  It is like the confusion prior to an eclipse.

All the animals become noisy and are confused. In the case of the human beings that have not done any personal work of awareness, they are going to feel the energy stonger leading to exhaustion, headaches, , discussions. This energy guides each and everyone of you to self understanding.  Therefore the importance of inner purification before the eclipse, so that each may benefit from this energy. Prepare your body, cleansing your “house” to receive the new energy.  The challenge of the galactic cycle is to balance the duality through the vision of service, knowing when to say “yes” or “no”.

The Eagle is the most important force for the warrior representing the Vision. The Vision towards Mother Earth that comes through the synchronicity of situations which She brings us and the correct use of your free will on behalf of the Light. The lunar eclipse falls on the day of Lunar Eagle.  That is the vision of the moon.

Therefore it is suggested to take a sweat lodge or some sort of cleansing ritual since the moon represents the feminine and water medicine. Chanting “OM” until the 17th of august is also highly recommended, since it awakens and atunes the third eye chakra. You can chant mornings and nights for 30 min. each, visualizing the balancing of all your chakras.  This moon is going to give us a new of what we have come to do this year.  New beginnings which will be manifested clearly from the 8th onwards through coincidences and synchronicities.

Thus I wish with all my heart that you all harmonize with Mother Earth in the sweat lodge which is an excellent idea just before the eclipse and that all can manifest in your lives on the 11th, the heart of the great central sun of our galaxy. The galactic cycle where we will All transmit the vision of awareness and attention to our loved ones. The energy this month already has increased and will continue to increase so concentrate on your attention, silence and the impeccability of your preparation for the next galactic cycle.

Listen to the silence and listen to what your spiritual master has prepared for the next galactic wave, the spiritual master. Listen to the advise of others with humility and without judgment. Give yourself a chance to imagine, for a moment, that Spirit will carry the messages needed.  Therefore this galactic wave commands others through bringing order to your own lives. Realize how you are mirroring others and through this bring forth maturity in your character, finding the rhytmic energy of each.  So that you can be aware of this consciousness, by then bringing to light this new awareness of being tactful with otheres, transcending all fears and bringing magic to the life of others.

This is the galactic cycle of the here and now.  With all this work, you will attract the most subtle and refined information if you can be , in silence, and observe and listen.

Maya Interpretation: Jacson Correia

Galactic Cycle of the Dragon (7/26/90 – 8/22/09)

The galactic cycle of the Dragon asks us to return to the origins of all things.  The origin of the word, the genesis.  What originated for you to be here at this moment? Hold yourself responsible. That is the first thing,  be happy and thankful for your process and  experiences.  You have chosen this, even before coming to Planet Earth. Reincarnating in your family, as well as your experiences which your Soul chose in order to evolve.

We are fortunate to be witnessing this energetic and conscious evolution as a humanity.  The Spirit of unity asks you to begin to be nourished from the Source: the Sun.  It is time to nourish yourselves through proper speaking,  breathing, healthy food, and to give a new start to your lives, so that you can be conscious with the energy needed for the work that you have come to carry out.  Probably many of you are ending relationships and beginning new work relationships, friendships and .

Follow your instincts.  You are also working your maternal side in this galactic cycle. As a dragon cares for her eggs.  It is the energy that manifests your hidden powers, hidden in yourself, the sensibility, the unusual and the eccentric.  Those powers which are asleep. It is the essence of your consciousness.

It is the energy that comes to work your character.  So then from 26.07.09 to the 22.08.09 you are going to begin working with this energy, meaning new beginnings with new people and situations that come to help balance your character gaining a sense of maturity. This will happen as you begin to re-set your priorities, being aware of the way your are using this energy.

This is the energy that gives you the impulse though asking you not to do everything at the same time, nor immediately. Carry out your tasks with in a moderate rhythm in the here and now.  Therefore it is highly recommended to follow proper work in eating, nourishment and breathing habits. This moon benefits spiritual strength. A moon to ask for the purification of the rivers, seas and lakes and for rain, the energy that generates the in your life.  It is a month to be productive and to seek time close to the water.

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When in the course of organic evolution it becomes obvious that a mutational process is inevitably dissolving the physical and neurological bonds which connect the members of one generation to the past and inevitably directing them to assume among the species of Earth the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature’s entitle them, a decent concern for the harmony of species requires that the causes of the mutation should be declared.

We hold these truths to be self evident:

  • That all species are created different but equal;
  • That they are endowed, each one, with certain inalienable rights;
  • That among them are Freedom to Live, Freedom to Grow, and Freedom to pursue Happiness in their own style;
  • That to protect these -given rights, social structures naturally emerge, basing their authority on the principles of of and respect for all forms of life;
  • That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of life, liberty, and harmony, it is the organic duty of the young members of that species to mutate, to drop out, to initiate a new social structure, laying its foundations on such principles and organizing its power in such form as seems likely to produce the safety, happiness, and harmony of all sentient beings.
  • Genetic wisdom, indeed, suggests that social structures long established should not be discarded for frivolous reasons and transient causes. The ecstasy of mutation is equally balanced by the pain. Accordingly all experience shows that members of a species are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, rather than to discard the forms to which they are accustomed.
  • But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, all pursuing invariably the same destructive goals, threaten the very fabric of organic life and the serene harmony of the planet, it is the right, it is the organic duty to drop out of such morbid covenants and to evolve new loving social structures.

Such has been the patient sufferance of the freedom-loving peoples of this earth, and such is now the necessity which constrains us to form new systems of government.

And for the support of this with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, and serenely confident of the approval of generations to come, in whose name we speak, do we now mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.

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ashesandsnowAshes and Snow by Gregory Colbert at the Zócalo Nomadic Museum closed in Mexico City on April 27, 2008.

The Mexico City opening marked the fifth installation of Ashes and Snow, Gregory Colbert’s sixteen-year personal and artistic odyssey. Ashes and Snow is an ongoing project that weaves together photographic works, film, art installations and a novel in letters. The exhibition consists of more than 50 large-scale photographic artworks, a 60-minute feature film and two short film haikus. To date, more than nine and a half million people around the world have visited the exhibition.

Gregory Colbert originally conceived of the idea for a sustainable traveling museum in 1999. He envisioned a structure that could easily be assembled in ports of call around the world, providing a transitory environment for his work on its global journey. The first public installation of Ashes and Snow at the Arsenale in Venice, which opened in 2002, inspired the architectural concepts used in the Nomadic Museum.

The Zócalo Nomadic Museum, designed by Colombian architect Simón Vélez, occupied 5,130-square meters, and contained two galleries and three distinct theatres. For the first time, the Nomadic Museum incorporated water as a design element to recall the unique history of the Zócalo, which was once surrounded by canals. This architectural choice honored the symbolic significance of the Zócalo as the center of Mexico-Tenochtitlan, a city founded by the Aztecs on a small island in the middle of Lake Texcoco in 1325.

The show will open next in Brazil in 2009. Sponsored by The Rolex Institute

Source: Website , Bookstore and Gallery

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Reviewed by John David Van Hove

This is a book and seminar about disentangling yourself from old creations and rising back into awareness through these 30 consciousness skills and processes.

Excerpted from Part II – Attention & Will

Under the guise of socializing the individual, schools and governments discourage willful behavior. Willfulness is equated with stubbornness or obstinacy.

So from disuse, the individual’s will falls into a stupor and is kept sedated by stressful indoctrination. Awakening is discouraged by regulations that threaten painful consequences for mistakes. Personal responsibility is associated with blame and replaced by abstract ideas about right, which serve as justification for any action, no matter how selfish, immoral or cruel.

Methods of indoctrination have been developed into highly effective technologies over the last ten millenniums. The individual has become a puppet of ill-conceived lessons of long-dead pedagogues. As a result, the individual’s will is in a very deep slumber. Accompanying this decline in teh omnipotence of the will is an increasing concern with personal needs and gratifications. Awareness becomes spirits, minds and/or bodies.

Low will power creates an addiction to directions, which is fed by truth-saying gurus, perpetuated by sign painters and validated by courts. Personal responsibility is deposed without fuss by uniform codes of law. Freedom is replaced by governmentally managed choices (e.g., You are free to pay your taxes by check or cash).

For some, just encountering the idea of living deliberately begins to reawaken the will. Others are going to sleep through to the grave.

The ones who wake up look around and are amazed at the sleepwalker existence from which they have just emerged. The realization “I decide” frees them from their addiction to answers. Some awaken so ashamed of their irresponsible behaviors that they become rebellious against all authority. Some even attack the source of their awakening.

A harmonic of this rebellious awakening is seen during late adolescence when inexperienced youths test their power of will over the smallest matters. Providing they escape complete indoctrination, responsibility matures and catches up with the will.  They realize: the proper use of will power is not conquest and subjugation, but the disciplined control of one’s own attention.

“Freedom is a measure of the number of decisions a person makes. As long as there is more pleasure than pain connected with making decisions, a person desires more freedom and less indoctrination. When it is reversed, and there is more pain than pleasure connected with making decisions, a person desires less freedom and welcomes indoctrination.” – Harry Palmer

Exercise 2: Awakening the Will

The will awakens slowly from sleep. At first it feels overwhelmed by the turbulence of thoughts that buffet it. Its initial attitude is: “Just tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

Objective: To strengthen the will by describing objects.

Expected Results: Insights, calming, increased awareness.

Instructions: Take a walk, notice something, and decide how you would describe it. Continue, noticing different objects.

Resources: Avatar

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Viewpoint of Human Consciousness

There are so many lives to lead, so many possible women to love, to marry and raise a family with. The only way I can live all these lives is from the viewpoint of source, from the viewpoint of “I am.” I’ve been seeking this viewpoint, but haven’t known where to look. When I look into the mirror the illusion replies, “It’s not here. It’s over there.” Everything is illusion including the assumed and projected images of self-identity. So what remains beyond identity?

When I look into the mirror, I think I’m seeing my self. Instead I’m seeing the reflection of self, a mere concept of self. It’s just a viewpoint. It’s the viewpoint of human consciousness.

Near death experiences, being in prison, healing crises, critical illnesses and war likewise focus attention.

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Is it possible all the physical and sexual attractions have nothing to do with love? Is it possible all these attractions and repulsions are nothing more than the reflected identities of the unspoken half of our creations? Desire and resistance.

If I get a positive response from a woman, I conclude she is interested romantically or wants sex. I may even decide she loves me, because I get an emotional or physical reaction. Perhaps these are the wrong clues to be looking for. Perhaps connectedness and alignment is more a matter of consciousness than physicality or attraction. What a revelation!

Perhaps, a woman’s physical response is nothing more than a “gut reaction” to an unacknowledged identity attracted by the resisted identity in me. To play the game of and seduce a woman into a romantic or sexual encounter is nothing more than an identity creation of mine. Perhaps I’m still wanting to experience my mothers love. There are many layers interacting consciously and unconsciously in relationships.

Appreciation is the Antidote for Discouragement

When I start viewing the world from the viewpoint of appreciation, from the viewpoint of source, instead of from the viewpoint of judgment, analysis, criticism and evaluation, the world changes.

The whole idea of “changing the world” is an impossible notion from the viewpoint of mind. The world doesn’t change because you rearrange the furniture in your mind or change your beliefs. The experience may change but the world remains the same. The world changes by shifting viewpoint from mind to source.


Attention within
Focus on the bubble of the breath
Attention without
Will directs the attention.
Will does not create.
Source creates and discreates.
Honor my creations
And the creations of others.
Appreciate my creations
And the creations of others, equally.
Feeling my creation
The world is a reflection of me.

Create from where you are
Not from where you live.
Your creation is not bound to space and time.
Unless you believe it to be so.
Create unlimited opportunities
And abundance will flow
Prosperity will grow.

What is the world? What is mind? What is source? What is self?

A realized self extends itself beyond. It is capable of shaping the world. It requires you to take a risk and trust. Confidence is the ability to demonstrate results. To demonstrate competence is daring. Be vulnerable. Give up what was imagined as you. You have to be real. Helping another to unfold helps me unfold. Extend one’s self-identity beyond the physical body and mind.

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The world is full of opportunities and possibilities. The universe is abundant, yet most people are poor because they fail to notice and access what is plentiful and available. Most people are poor and struggling because they lack the education, knowledge and understanding, and they are willing to take complete responsibility for being a creator and producer. All human beings powerfully create our own realities, like it or not, for good or evil, for better or worse.

Many people lack the desire, skills and incentives to fully participate in the enormous business, marketing and investment opportunities available today. You must also be willing to take a calculated risk, be willing to make mistakes, even fail, before the great successes emerge. The global marketplace is changing rapidly and opening to the emergence of a free-enterprise economic infrastructure worldwide.

Never before have so many opportunities existed for the entrepreneur, the independent contractor, the small business man or woman, and the freedom-minded individual willing to commit to their own human development as well as the manifestation of their dreams.

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