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Full Moon and Eclipse Aug. 5-6 2009

Everything that rises has to descend.  If the arch of an arrow stretches it must be released. These are laws of equilibrium and duality.  This galactic cycle that is ending now is that of the new Mayan year.  The next galactic cycle is the Magician.  It is the galactic cycle that comes to activate the warriors of light. The energy that takes you toward a higher vibration to prompt you toward the light.  It is like the confusion prior to an eclipse.

All the animals become noisy and are confused. In the case of the human beings that have not done any personal work of awareness, they are going to feel the energy stonger leading to exhaustion, headaches, , discussions. This energy guides each and everyone of you to self understanding.  Therefore the importance of inner purification before the eclipse, so that each may benefit from this energy. Prepare your body, cleansing your “house” to receive the new energy.  The challenge of the galactic cycle is to balance the duality through the vision of service, knowing when to say “yes” or “no”.

The Eagle is the most important force for the warrior representing the Vision. The Vision towards Mother Earth that comes through the synchronicity of situations which She brings us and the correct use of your free will on behalf of the Light. The lunar eclipse falls on the day of Lunar Eagle.  That is the vision of the moon.

Therefore it is suggested to take a sweat lodge or some sort of cleansing ritual since the moon represents the feminine and water medicine. Chanting “OM” until the 17th of august is also highly recommended, since it awakens and atunes the third eye chakra. You can chant mornings and nights for 30 min. each, visualizing the balancing of all your chakras.  This moon is going to give us a new of what we have come to do this year.  New beginnings which will be manifested clearly from the 8th onwards through coincidences and synchronicities.

Thus I wish with all my heart that you all harmonize with Mother Earth in the sweat lodge which is an excellent idea just before the eclipse and that all can manifest in your lives on the 11th, the heart of the great central sun of our galaxy. The galactic cycle where we will All transmit the vision of awareness and attention to our loved ones. The energy this month already has increased and will continue to increase so concentrate on your attention, silence and the impeccability of your preparation for the next galactic cycle.

Listen to the silence and listen to what your spiritual master has prepared for the next galactic wave, the spiritual master. Listen to the advise of others with humility and without judgment. Give yourself a chance to imagine, for a moment, that Spirit will carry the messages needed.  Therefore this galactic wave commands others through bringing order to your own lives. Realize how you are mirroring others and through this bring forth maturity in your character, finding the rhytmic energy of each.  So that you can be aware of this consciousness, by then bringing to light this new awareness of being tactful with otheres, transcending all fears and bringing magic to the life of others.

This is the galactic cycle of the here and now.  With all this work, you will attract the most subtle and refined information if you can be , in silence, and observe and listen.

Maya Interpretation: Jacson Correia

Galactic Cycle of the Dragon (7/26/90 – 8/22/09)

The galactic cycle of the Dragon asks us to return to the origins of all things.  The origin of the word, the genesis.  What originated for you to be here at this moment? Hold yourself responsible. That is the first thing,  be happy and thankful for your process and  experiences.  You have chosen this, even before coming to Planet Earth. Reincarnating in your family, as well as your experiences which your Soul chose in order to evolve.

We are fortunate to be witnessing this energetic and conscious evolution as a humanity.  The Spirit of unity asks you to begin to be nourished from the Source: the Sun.  It is time to nourish yourselves through proper speaking,  breathing, healthy food, and to give a new start to your lives, so that you can be conscious with the energy needed for the work that you have come to carry out.  Probably many of you are ending relationships and beginning new work relationships, friendships and .

Follow your instincts.  You are also working your maternal side in this galactic cycle. As a dragon cares for her eggs.  It is the energy that manifests your hidden powers, hidden in yourself, the sensibility, the unusual and the eccentric.  Those powers which are asleep. It is the essence of your consciousness.

It is the energy that comes to work your character.  So then from 26.07.09 to the 22.08.09 you are going to begin working with this energy, meaning new beginnings with new people and situations that come to help balance your character gaining a sense of maturity. This will happen as you begin to re-set your priorities, being aware of the way your are using this energy.

This is the energy that gives you the impulse though asking you not to do everything at the same time, nor immediately. Carry out your tasks with in a moderate rhythm in the here and now.  Therefore it is highly recommended to follow proper work in eating, nourishment and breathing habits. This moon benefits spiritual strength. A moon to ask for the purification of the rivers, seas and lakes and for rain, the energy that generates the in your life.  It is a month to be productive and to seek time close to the water.

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