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By Kristen Kennington

When starting on your journey you feel infinitesimal.  The world seems so huge as you open your eyes for the first time and rub the sleep from your feeble eyes.  Please know your timing is crucial.  You have chosen this moment, now, to be who you truly are and you are magnificently beautiful.

Your power, courage and strength is like the shining of light of 10,000 suns.  Do not confuse your fear for weakness, but realize it is your strength shaking away those parts of you that do not belong that have been manifesting as sadness, anger, bitterness and self-destructive behaviors.

When you begin to wring out the fabric of your life, draining the material of those parts of your being that no longer serve you, you will begin to feel uncertain and afraid.  The tendency is to cling to the past as each new moment presents itself for healing.  But that mode is outdated as you transmute the patterns of stuck energy and old habitual traits for new refreshing vibrations of just being.

This new replacement of the old you will be courteous of course allowing your mind and body to catch up.  As the new you moves along effortless, naturally with ease, the old pieces lodged in your body and mind with begin to crumble and sift away.  Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the feelings, emotions, pain or panic.  Allow the bubbles to rise and pop freeing you from eons of torture and solitude.

When you cling tightly to these scraps that do not belong your being becomes weighted down and you will have the tendency to practice habits and old ways that are not always productive in order  to match the energetically bogged state of you being.  The sooner you realize that your fearful attachment to the rising tide is the culprit, the quicker you will drop it and sink like a ton of bricks into the sea of bliss.

There is sometimes a fear of getting into the water, but once you are fully submerged and acclimated you realize the water is just fine.  So fine that the only thing you long for is the state of being which elicits a feeling of pure bliss.  The only thing getting in the way is that part of you that fears submission to the powerful being of loving intention that you really and truly are.

What does it take to drop your baggage?  Must you run for miles, sit in strenuous mind manipulating meditation, or continue as you have with your vices and time?  Here is the divinity of the true answer to your search for happiness.  You mustn’t do anything.  Do nothing because no amount of doing will every bring you everlasting joy and peace.  In order to clear you being of the crud that has kept your reach for happiness just a fingertip’s distance away, you must simply be.

Being is the most natural state a human being can adopt.  It is in our true nature to just be, free of worries or stress.  Due to the fact that we must retrain our brains to adopt this natural, calm, blissful state; I will list some examples of how you can simply – BE.  Feel free to add your own examples in the comments of how you enjoy BEING.

  • watching a beautiful sunset
  • being aware of the gunk that your mind and body can produce (awareness shines a light on the ego posing as your true self)
  • breathing fully and deeply
  • practicing yoga, hiking, biking, swimming etc. with awareness of the motion and breath of your body
  • people watching and observing any judgments your mind might spew out.
  • observing beauty (especially finding beauty in the mundane)
  • dancing, laughing, playing
  • blessing everyone and everything even those and that which has been labeled ‘bad’ by your mind
  • remembering your oneness with all and the true part of you that is within everyone and everything simultaneously, continuously and effortlessly.

And remember whenever you maintain awareness of your mind and body do not judge nor condemn but give praise and love to that part of you that is stuck and in need of acceptance and love.  Remembering to do this is key because when you bathe yourself in light from the love of acceptance even of your worst habits both mentally and physically, you will automatically allow that part of you to heal and grow.  Like a child in the arms of God you will nurture and lovingly allow yourself to disarm and discard the old scraps of the old you.

Source: Kristen Kennington

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