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The world is full of opportunities and possibilities. The universe is abundant, yet most people are poor because they fail to notice and access what is plentiful and available. Most people are poor and struggling because they lack the education, knowledge and understanding, and they are willing to take complete responsibility for being a creator and producer. All human beings powerfully create our own realities, like it or not, for good or evil, for better or worse.

Many people lack the desire, skills and incentives to fully participate in the enormous business, marketing and investment opportunities available today. You must also be willing to take a calculated risk, be willing to make mistakes, even fail, before the great successes emerge. The global marketplace is changing rapidly and opening to the emergence of a free-enterprise economic infrastructure worldwide.

Never before have so many opportunities existed for the entrepreneur, the independent contractor, the small business man or woman, and the freedom-minded individual willing to commit to their own human development as well as the manifestation of their dreams.

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