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Viewpoint of Human Consciousness

There are so many lives to lead, so many possible women to love, to marry and raise a family with. The only way I can live all these lives is from the viewpoint of source, from the viewpoint of “I am.” I’ve been seeking this viewpoint, but haven’t known where to look. When I look into the mirror the illusion replies, “It’s not here. It’s over there.” Everything is illusion including the assumed and projected images of self-identity. So what remains beyond identity?

When I look into the mirror, I think I’m seeing my self. Instead I’m seeing the reflection of self, a mere concept of self. It’s just a viewpoint. It’s the viewpoint of human consciousness.

Near death experiences, being in prison, healing crises, critical illnesses and war likewise focus attention.

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Is it possible all the physical and sexual attractions have nothing to do with love? Is it possible all these attractions and repulsions are nothing more than the reflected identities of the unspoken half of our creations? Desire and resistance.

If I get a positive response from a woman, I conclude she is interested romantically or wants sex. I may even decide she loves me, because I get an emotional or physical reaction. Perhaps these are the wrong clues to be looking for. Perhaps connectedness and alignment is more a matter of consciousness than physicality or attraction. What a revelation!

Perhaps, a woman’s physical response is nothing more than a “gut reaction” to an unacknowledged identity attracted by the resisted identity in me. To play the game of and seduce a woman into a romantic or sexual encounter is nothing more than an identity creation of mine. Perhaps I’m still wanting to experience my mothers love. There are many layers interacting consciously and unconsciously in relationships.

Appreciation is the Antidote for Discouragement

When I start viewing the world from the viewpoint of appreciation, from the viewpoint of source, instead of from the viewpoint of judgment, analysis, criticism and evaluation, the world changes.

The whole idea of “changing the world” is an impossible notion from the viewpoint of mind. The world doesn’t change because you rearrange the furniture in your mind or change your beliefs. The experience may change but the world remains the same. The world changes by shifting viewpoint from mind to source.


Attention within
Focus on the bubble of the breath
Attention without
Will directs the attention.
Will does not create.
Source creates and discreates.
Honor my creations
And the creations of others.
Appreciate my creations
And the creations of others, equally.
Feeling my creation
The world is a reflection of me.

Create from where you are
Not from where you live.
Your creation is not bound to space and time.
Unless you believe it to be so.
Create unlimited opportunities
And abundance will flow
Prosperity will grow.

What is the world? What is mind? What is source? What is self?

A realized self extends itself beyond. It is capable of shaping the world. It requires you to take a risk and trust. Confidence is the ability to demonstrate results. To demonstrate competence is daring. Be vulnerable. Give up what was imagined as you. You have to be real. Helping another to unfold helps me unfold. Extend one’s self-identity beyond the physical body and mind.

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