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Mr. Haramein has finally completed what may be one of the most important calculations to describe our world from universal size to atomic and subatomic particles. The paper entitled “Scale Unification – A Universal Scaling Law for Organized Matter” was recently published in a preprint CD format as a result of the proceedings of a physics conference – the Unified Theories Conference in Budapest, Hungary in 2006.

The paper reveals that a scaling law can be written to demonstrate that scales ranging from the universal structure we live in to the atom and subatomic particles that make up our world can be described under the conditions of a black hole. Some of the most important calculations are found between equations 4 and 18 which are simple equations describing the nuclei of the atom (the proton) interacting with the vacuum structure and obeying the conditions necessary to be described as a black hole.

Remarkably, the resulting circular velocity of such a system in Hertz yields the gamma ray emissions typically associated with atomic decay. This is a very exciting result, as in this case the atom is described in a completely classical way (or semi-classical) with very little quantum physics involved.

This new description of our world marks a deeper understanding of our relationship to the scaling of event horizons from infinitely large to infinitely small, and although the data point for the biological resolution is not apparent on the graph, it is mentioned in the caption of Figure 2a. Here we show that the microtubules structure of the cellular level bisects the graph almost at its exact middle, placing biological systems, including us, as one of the event horizons connecting worlds.

Later in the paper we demonstrate that a “spin horizon” can be described to both accommodate the galactic center black holes and the scale to the dynamics of the core of our Sun and its plasma structure. This implies that the central black holes of galaxies are the driving force producing the galactic disc and its halo, and that that very same force most likely produces the high energy physics we observe in our own Sun. This “spin horizon” now describes our world as being white hole / black hole structures at all scales, or what Haramein has coined the “white / black whole.”

We believe this paper to be a groundbreaking innovative view of our Universe and our place in it. The Resonance Project and its Director of Research are ecstatic to offer this new paradigm of understanding. Share the excitement with your friends and family, and support us in creating a brighter future!

Source: http://theresonanceproject.org/scale_unification.html

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