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People who operate in the context of responsibility declare that they are accountable for their interpretations and behavior.

Caring mainly about the ultimate success of their projects and relationships, they are oriented to action and correction rather than explanation and self-protection.

Responsible people do not spend a lot of energy estimating how things got to be the way they are. Rather, they focus on the effective action. They are more concerned with having a project or relationship work rather than the reasons why it will not.

In the responsible structure of interpretation, one looks to oneself as the source of all aspects of the project or relationship. The responsible person looks at what works and what does not work. The responsible person does not approach the project or relationship as though something is wrong, rather that there is something missing.

When one is responsible, one voices few psychological assessments. Instead, one’s focus is on what action will further the project or relationship. The responsible person is able, willing and striving to tell the truth about what has been done and not done. They are not as concerned with looking good as with having life work.

Real responsibility is not to be confused with blame, credit, obligation or duty. Acting from the context of responsibility, one is concerned with the facts only as they bear on the next appropriate action. There is no concern about whether the facts seem to give credit or blame.

When one operates out of the stand of responsibility, one is empowered by being the source of one’s own results, not intimidated or weighed down by that. A stand of responsibility does not signify restrictive ties, but freedom to act.

Source: Accomplishment Coaching

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