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Synopsis by Angela Ueckert

“How we form and experience…connections is determined by and reflects our brainwave patterns.
By becoming intentionally aware of our states of consciousness as we interact, learning to utilize our radar appropriately, and practicing conscious connection, we…enhance our relationships and improve rapport.  When we understand not only how our brainwaves are affected by others but also how we can affect other people’s brainwaves, we increase our empathy, our communication skills, and our satisfaction in relationships.”


When functioning at their best, beta waves are associated with logical thinking, concrete problem solving, and active external attention,…help us to consciously function in the world,…know how to master them so that we can use them effectively and not be at their mercy,…increased blood flow and metabolism, and is an active state with higher levels of cognitive processing, complex thinking, and decision making.”


…present during daydreaming, fantasizing, and visualization….a relaxed, detached awareness and with a receptive mind. …provides the bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind.”  Without alpha, you will not remember your dreams when you awaken, even though you recall that they were strong, vivid, and meaningful,…not recall your meditation even though you know you went to a great depth and had many insights.  When alpha is missing, the link to the subconscious is broken.


…overwhelming sense of spiritual awakening, an inexplicable burst of creative insight, a cavernous sense of pain, or a dawning awareness of the possibilities of what might be hidden within your mind,…forms a layer between the conscious and the unconscious.  Theta holds a profusion of memories, sensations, and emotions.  Though these experiences may be inaccessible to the conscious mind, they can nevertheless affect and even govern your attitudes, expectations, beliefs, and behaviors.  They are active during sleep and deep meditation, and they are particularly strong during so-called peak experiences, spiritual insight, and high-functioning brain states.


You know the telephone is going to ring before it rings.  You know what your friend/lover/spouse/child is feeling because you feel it too.  Sometimes you are even confused about whether the feeling you are experiencing belongs to you or to someone else,…you reach out with your mind…your own personal radar, sending and receiving messages on an unconscious level.  Delta brainwaves make up the unconscious mind,…still turned on when the rest of your brainwaves are turned off,…provides the restorative stages of sleep.

Source: The High Performance Mind by Anna Wise & Angel a’s Journals

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Editor’s Note: The main text of this story, originally published in the December 2005 issue of Scientific American, is being made available in light of the recent death of Kim Peek.

When J. Langdon Down first described savant syndrome in 1887, coining its name and noting its association with astounding powers of memory, he cited a patient who could recite Edward Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire verbatim. Since then, in almost all cases, savant memory has been linked to a specific domain, such as music, art or mathematics. But phenomenal memory is itself the skill in a 54-year-old man named Kim Peek. His friends call him “Kim-puter.” Read more…

Source: Scientific American

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