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By Kristina Foltz

Within the feminine paradigm we may just fall in love (with life) many times, we may encounter new gifts and human potentials as a result of their validity and scope in the context of the situations we find ourselves in – the stories of our lives. It is a paradigm , too, about becoming, more than about striving, where as we live out that gift thrust upon us the impetus to create is born.

We may also to redefine key concepts such as compassion, when we discover the sudden purposefulness and meaning inherent in more situational or experiential definition of conceptual ideas.

As Mary Daly once said, the power behind the feminine revolution was, simply, the “courage to be”.

The Feminine Paradigm is exploring the resources of heightening the experience of humanity; it also could be described as a “coming out” from an era that obsessed with oneness and so-called spirituality.

The consideration that we could be living in the a new conscious era urges onwards towards discovering more deeply what it is we think, and why- this time could be greater, more potent with possibility, because we are finally willing and courageous enough to-transcend time-honored rules of sameness – and explore the deeper significance within the experience of contrast and contradiction; the vast difference and sameness within the “body” and the “non-body”, that we realize this calling is actually all about being more human.

In the Feminine Paradigm there seems to be an apparent awakening to the recognition, that there is something even more compelling than “oneness”, a set of values more potent than “redemption” to be made, a story richer and more light-filled than the seeking of classical enlightenment- and a rich emotional palette available for ever deepening expression and meaning, ripe for discovery and analysis from an entirely different angle of perspective.

WE are artists of our time, and gifts to the world are nothing less than the courage to step fully into our stories. Perhaps we are feeling called to courageous personal action, called not by any outside presence, but by an inner child, a new genre of Mythic Hero, who wants recklessly, exuberantly, to step forth and embrace the gift of embodiment.

The gift of compassion, love, sacrifice, lies deeply embedded within this palette of experience, and the only way to become a truly compassionate being is within the complex human matrix of being and becoming and doing.

Often we can recognize this expression in the form of a goddess, an energy which comes and goes, like the seasons, and to then deepen the relationship with Her, her place within our personal and collective stories. Read more…

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Source: Ashland Resource Center

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